Unacceptable Rudeness

21 June 2006 2:43 pm

The only rude comment that I got about my wedding photos came from my aunt. She wasn't expressing her opinion, but the comments given by her colleagues in Germany when they saw the pictures. Apparently, they think that K is very good-looking and they said I had better look after him well, or else.

Or else, what?

If he was a womaniser, I would never have married him. If he didn't find me attractive, he wouldn't have married me. Who the fuck are these people to talk about us as if they know us so well?

People are shallow.

From outside looking in, all people can see is our physical appearance. Married couples don't get along just because they're equally good-looking. How would they know about the conversations that K and I have, the things we do together, the ways in which we make each other happy like on one else can, the experiences we go though as a couple? They don't. They don't know our shortcomings either, mine and his, and the amount of love and acceptance it takes to embrace those and make the relationship work.

People don't know shit. And I wish my aunt hadn't told me about what her colleagues had told her, because really, I don't need to hear what stupid, shallow people have to say about my marriage.

Sometimes your family members are the most cruel. They say the most blunt and hurtful things to your face, or to other people behind your back. Just because they've known you for a long time they feel they are entitled to say what they please about you. My mother, for instance, likes to mention my sister's weight every once in a while, how she shouldn't let herself go so early in life, blah blah blah. Hello, do YOU exercise? No, and why? Because you WORK long hours, don't you? Well, so does my sister. Well, did until recently. Not that work is any excuse for not keeping fit, but really, here is the pot calling the kettle black and the pot must not have looked at herself in the mirror lately and realised that she IS the same colour as the kettle. For the longest time, my mother was quite happy to tell others what a hard-hearted, stuck-up bitch I am. Sometimes I feel like telling her, well, I must have learnt from it from you. As happy as she is about my being married, I think she will blame me if things go wrong, because, once again, I'm a hard-hearted stuck-up bitch. Sure. It must have been my fault when my ex-boyfriend beat me up for five years. Bitches like me deserved to be abused. Oh, if she wasn't my mother I could shut her up with many bitchy remarks, mainly regarding her own lack of success in relationships in spite of her being a prettier or nicer person than me. In her eyes, anyway. It's very sad when the people who should love you most are the ones who are most unkind to you. And then they wonder why you're so nasty. Bodoh.

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