Baby Talk

10 August 2006 3:50 pm

My period was due the weekend K and I were in Bangkok. It didn't come, much to our glee. But then nothing happened for the next few days, and the next. As it turned out, my period didn't come till two weeks later.

As someone whose menstrual cycle has always been regular, I did not take the delay well. Worst of all was the fact that pregnancy tests (three in all) turned out negative. K and I are not ready for a baby, but if I was pregnant at least there was a perfectly logical reason for not getting a period. Meanwhile I was gaining weight and breaking out just as if I was having a period. It was a trying two weeks and when it finally came, I was immensely relieved. I felt normal again.

Since then, K and I have been thinking about the issue of children. We both want to be parents one day, that's for sure, but it would be truly frightening for me to be pregnant now. We've only just begun. We still have a couple of years before we'll be clear of our financial obligations. K wants to go back to school. I want to enjoy married life, without kids, for the time being. I don't think I'm physically fit to carry another human life inside me for the next seven months. I need to work on my health. The idea of having a child sounds great. The method is great. The execution and maintenance ... not so great.

There's nothing like being almost pregnant to make you realise whether you really want to be pregnant.

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