Where I Have Been

03 October 2006 10:09 am

It's been 53 days since my last entry. AAll that time was spent doing work, work, work.

11 - 22 August: I served as oral examiner in a neighbouring school, after school from 2.00 - 4.45 p.m.

21 August: K returned from his ten-week teaching stint in Seoul.

22 - 29 August: Cram time in school.

30 August: English final exam for the Sec 4s.

31 August: Teacher's Day celebration in school

1 - 10 September: Term 3 school vacation. I was down with flu and a bad cough and barely did any marking of my English exam scripts.

11 - 22 September: Final exams for the Sec 4s, which means I invigilated throughout this period. I also started marking while also teaching the Sec 2s, who have not had their final exams yet.

23-24 September: Final lap of marking. Slept 2-4 hours every night.

24 September: Start of Ramadan.

25 September: Return of exam scripts and checking of marks. Started marking two classes of Literature tests for CA2.

26 September: Finished crafting and vetting exam papers for the Sec 2s' final exam.

27-28 September: Return of Literature test papers and checking of marks.

29 September: English final exam for all other levels. For me, it was lessons as usual, since the Sec 4s were already done with theirs.

30 September - 1 October: Finally, a weekend which I could fully enjoy, without the burden of marking. Went to Mother's to break fast with K on the 1st.

That pretty much brings me back to today.

The thing about being work-busy is that you can't say no. The job needs to be done, the deadlines need to be met. There's no such thing as dropping a few items of the to-do list to unwind a little. The job pays the bills, so the job takes centrestage. Meanwhile, everything else could fall apart, and did. It took me three weeks to recover from my cough, and I'm still recovering from the worst breakout in my life. I don't even think about exercise anymore because there is simply no time, no time at all. I can only wait for school to be out, so that I can away from it all and breathe a little slower.

In other news, K and I are enjoying our life together. It is good to have someone to come home to.

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